Canadian Fake IDs Questions -

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Are you guys still operating?
Yes – as of June 2024 we are still operating.
Do you make scannable Fake ID?
If you send us an email asking us if we make Scannable Fake ID we will NOT RESPOND TO YOU! Our cards are for novelty use only
Do you ship internationally? Can you ship to USA?
Yes, not only do we ship to every part of Canada but we also ship to USA as well as a few other select countries such as UK, Sweden and Germany.
Who is
Around since 2003, CanFakes is the only Canadian business providing quality, legal novelty identification. Our staff have many years experience in the printing industry.
I saw a website that has proper drivers licenses for sale for $100, Why should I buy a card from you guys?
If you want to waste your $100 by sending it to a scammer in China then go ahead. If burning money is what makes you happy, be our guest. Any company asking you to pay by sending cash to China SHOULD BE RINGING ALARM BELLS. Day after day we have customers coming to us complaining that they never heard back after they sent their money.
Why should I buy from CanFakes?
Being the only Canadian company supplying novelty cards, there is no other place on the web that can assure you the same quality, speed and service that we can. Ordering from international companies is risky and slow at best. There is simply no guarantee that you get what you pay for. –, on the other hand, is an Canadian registered business operating out of Toronto, Canada. We had hundreds of positive reviews on the Reddit fake id review thread (which has since been shut down).
How do I know I won’t get scammed?
There are over 100 fake id sites on the net – ours is the only one based in Canada. Around 80% of them are scammers that won’t ship a product out. The nature of Canadian consumer protection means any websites operating out of Canada that scam buyers get shut down very quickly by the relevant authorities.
How are the cards posted? Is it obvious what’s inside?
The cards are enclosed in a piece of A4 card folded in three, which has text and graphics printed on it, making it difficult to see or feel what is inside. This card is then wrapped with your application form, which is then placed in a window envelope. All you can see from the outside is your address as printed on the form. The envelope has a a return address to ensure that if your letter is lost in the post it gets returned to us.
Can you make me up a custom card?
No. We will not make fake copies of an existing School or Uni’s student card, Keypass Card, Proof of Age Card or Driver’s Licence.