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Queensland Fake ID

Fake ID Queensland (bust)   Below are two instances of fake ID production and usage that have been unveiled in Queensland in recent years.. Whatever the reason, their production is illegal and can carry significant penalties when prosecuted and convicted...

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Fake ID Victoria

Fake ID Sale in Victoria  Aleksander Taylor   Crackdown on teenagers using Victorian fake IDs Police in Melbourne are warning teenagers of a recent cracking down on the use of Victorian fake IDs. The crackdown comes in the wake of an upturn in teenagers...

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Top 10 Fake ID’s in Movies

From causes of justice to simple teenage antics some pretty great scenes surround the Idea of faking your identity and age. We have gone out and found some of the best scenes centered around fake IDs. Keep on reading to see some of the best and worst ways...

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Scannable Fake ID Australia and ID Scanners (2018)

If you’ve been around a nightclub lately, chances are you’ve been asked for your ID. Seeing the incredibly large bouncer take your driver’s licence and putting it into a scanning machine can be a bit daunting, especially if you don’t know why they’re doing...

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